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Paper: Failure to adapt or adaptations that fail

Here's another one by Sidney Dekker: Failure to adapt or adaptations that fail: contrasting models on procedure and safety, which looks at the duality between organizations perceiving safety as “not deviating from the procedures” and contrasting it with situations where “procedures were inadequate and someone should have adapted”.

I’ve highlighted like 1/3 of the paper on my copy, but if I had to give a TL:DR; it would be that:


Discouraging people’s attempts at adaptation can increase the number of failures to adapt in situations where adaptation was necessary. Allowing procedural leeway without investing in people’s skills at adapting, on the other hand, can increase the number of failed attempts at adaptation. In order to make progress on safety through procedures, organizations need to monitor the gap between procedure and practice and understand the reasons behind it.

The whole paper is worth reading.